Top Ten Things!

1. There are approximately 250 drops in a 15 ml bottle of essential oil.

2. Never get essential oils directly in your eyes. If you do, use olive oil on the bone around the eye to dissipate the oil. Flushing the eye with water will just spread the oil and not bring relief.

3. If you ever need to dilute an essential oil because of sensitive skin, and you don’t have a carrier oil available, do not use water; use anything that contains ‘fat’… such as full fat yogurt, butter, full fat milk or cream. It’s the ‘fat’ that dilutes your essential oils.

4. “Neat” means undiluted.

5. Diffusing essential oils (with a cold-air diffuser) alleviates stress, cleanses the air, and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the home.

6. The Essential Rewards (ER) program (optional, monthly auto-shipment) is THE most cost effective way to earn points for free oils!

7. My favorite “carrier oils” are: EMU oil (very supportive to the skin), coconut oil or V-6 oil (YL’s vegetable oil complex)  which are both great for absorption, as well as olive oil is another great carrier oil.

8. Lavender, Gentle Baby, Peace & Calming or Valor — these 4 essential oils are the very best oils for little ones who need a good night sleep!

9. Mixing essential oils with sea salt or Epsom salt prior to adding them to your bath water allows the essential oil to stay evenly dispersed in the water instead of floating on top.

10. How to afford essential oils – balance your budget by joining the ER program and earn free products & get discount shipping; make your own personal care products and share these oils with others and get commissions and bonuses as they join Young Living too!