Our Family’s Journey into Young Living Essential Oils

DJS_FamilyHow did we ever get started with Young Living?  Well, we certainly were not looking for another thing to do and to be honest, we were not interested in an MLM or Network Marketing-type business.  It wasn’t something my husband or I even had on our grid as a possibility!

In 2009, after living in TX for 15 years, the Lord called us to the Kansas City area.  Everything was going to be great, right?  Well our story was not the “happily ever after” ending.  It was tough!  We moved in on a Saturday in July and 10 days later I flew to see my mother for the last time before she went to heaven and my husband felt so lousy that he had to call a cab to take me to the airport! I was emotional but we knew no one to take me to the airport.  It seemed like from the time we moved here, we could not get a break!

During this time, I got reconnected on facebook with a woman I knew through a MOMS group I used to be in back in TX.  She mentioned a product on her facebook page so we looked it up and researched it for ourselves.  We figured we had nothing to lose by trying it!   Our friend mailed us a bottle of Thieves oil.  We got the product on a Tuesday night and started using it the next day. Our son began to feel better!  This was very important as he was playing Harry Truman in a homeschool field trip 2 days later and did not want to miss it.  And he went on the field trip…woo hoo!!!

We were curious about other YL products so we ventured out and then ordered a Lavender and Peppermint oil too! We still had not bought a kit and had no plans to do so.  However, as we learned more about the benefits of a YL membership, it made sense not to pay retail so we ordered our starter kit and got started in March, 2011.  A few months later, I got asked some questions about Young Living essential oils and this led me to having a few people in my home in May, 2011.  My first “class” was taught via Skype. To my utter surprise, 3 people from that gathering became members with me and a few others ordered products from me.  It wasn’t our plan but a plan that our heavenly Father had for us.  This journey has not always been easy, nor has our business grown as fast as we would have liked, and we’ve missed lots of goals too.  Why do I say that?

There_Is_Always_A_WayIf you are going to do anything in life, then RUN THE RACE!  No race is easy or simple and most times, you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to do it. You will learn that along the journey!  Do not quit or compare yourself with anyone else!  It is your story, your pace and your journey to run.  I will be cheering you on and helping you all the way and I know you can reach your goals!  We are in the process of reaching our goals and it is our prayer that we can be YOUR encourager!  If you have health and wellness goals, better nutritional goals, want to make some extra money or a lot of extra money, there is a way.  You will have to do the work just like everyone else…but it is totally do-able!  Join us on this oily adventure and see your life utterly changed just like it has been for our family!

Much love to all…