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Email address:  jeanne@essentiallyoilycafe.com


How Do I Sign Up?

Here is your wholesale membership quick enrollment link:


Do I have to build a Young Living business or can I just buy the products?

Many of my friends who are a part of my YL group are buying products at the wholesale price for their family and enjoying that! Some of them are even on the Essential Rewards (ER) program and you can get more information on what that is in another FAQ!  This is exactly how I got started. As I saw how well the products worked and told others about them, it led me to helping a few people get started. When a few months later, I received my first $100 bonus check, I realized that I just got my oils for FREE that month!  Was I ever excited!  Little baby steps and now I am building a large business with lots of new friends…yet that was never my goal when I got started!

Will I get inundated with lots of emails?

From me? No! If you request it, you will receive a bi-monthly educational email from me if you are a member in my organization. You can also easily unsubscribe by sending me a request!  Young Living typically sends out 1-2 emails/month about monthly promotions or new products.

What is the Essential Rewards (ER) program?

Once you become a YL member (or distributor, used interchangeably), you can choose to join an optional program that ships to one’s home a minimum of 50 PV (1 PV = $1) in products each month. The order and the date of your order can be changed monthly as long as an ER order ships to one’s address each month. As an exclusive member of the ER program, there are some amazing perks…

Check out these benefits:

  • Reduced shipping!
  • Qualify for increasing percentages: 10% for the first 6 months; 15% for the 7th-12th months; and in the 13th month and on, receive 20% back on your 1-monthly ER order!
  • Credits can be redeemed for FREE products after 2 consecutive months of participation in the ER program! Credits can not be used towards shipping or tax costs.

FREE products folks!  I am serious when I say that I have earned large amounts of FREE products through the ER program! Trust me, it is a really, really good deal! 🙂   Who doesn’t love an amazing bargain?!

What are the requirements to be a YL distributor and what is the renewal fee?

According to YL’s Distributor Agreement, an account is considered inactive when less than 50 PV (1 PV = $1.00) are purchased within a twelve-month period. As long as a distributor has purchased 50 PV or more during a 12-month period, they are considered an active YL distributor and there is no yearly renewal fee!  That is it…seriously!

What is the YL Compensation Plan?

This is best answered by your active, growing sponsor or upline mentor. However, here’s a few visual graphics that will help you understand some of the basics. For a class instruction on the comp plan, a Skype class can be scheduled with Jeanne. Please send her a request and she can let you know the details of scheduling one.

As the graphic below shows, for your Level 1—people you have sponsored that are closest to you, you get 8% of their volume each month. For Level 2, you get 5% and so on. The unilevel commission stops at Level 5 and is replaced with additional and profitable Leadership bonuses that typically kick in at this point.


This next graphic shows you what your volume should be as you achieve a certain rank. To reach the levels of Executive and Silver you must have two, growing organizations who are each at 1,000pv or higher.


This last graphic gives a break-down of acryonyms that one will see and what each one means.


Young Living is the world leader in authentic and genuine essential oils. Join us on this amazing journey that has benefited so many people who are willing to take charge of their  health, healing and wellness!