Welcome to the Essentially Oily Cafe…

Welcome friends! This is Jeanne, a woman who has come to this journey of natural health, healing and wellness after hitting a wall with my own health in December, 2011. I hope you will join me on this adventure with most-often baby steps, but nonetheless, those steps have added up to really making a difference in my life and my family’s since that time! I am a grateful woman who is privileged to be married to her best friend for over 21 years! We are also blessed with two amazing, Godly sons!! With Young Living essential oils, we have been able to continue to enhance my restored health that I got through a doctor’s care and I pray that my renewed health, enthusiasm and passion may help you too along this journey of healthy living so you can run the race you were designed to live! Much more to come so check back often and for now…read about our Young Living journey!

Our Family’s Journey into Young Living Essential Oils

How did we ever get started with Young Living? Well, we certainly were not looking for another thing to do and to be honest, we were not interested in an MLM or Network Marketing-type business. It wasn’t something my husband or I even had on our grid as a possibility!

In 2009, after living in TX for 15 years, the Lord called us to the Kansas City area. Everything was going to be great, right? Well our story was not the “happily ever after” ending. It was tough! We moved in on a Saturday in July and 10 days later I flew to see my mother for the last time before she went to heaven and my husband, Dale, was so sick he had to call me a cab to take me to the airport! I was emotional but we knew no one to take me to the airport. It seemed like someone was always sick at our home from the time we moved here and we could not get a break from “sickness”. It appeared that swine flu and every other bug seemed attracted to our family!